Comparing Holden to a Marin Teen

Holden comes from a wealthy family and is going to a very prestigious college, but doesn’t try hard at all. He is has the ability to be a fairly smart student, but feels as if he has a safety net under him with all his parents money. Marin is a fairly wealthy county, and everybody who goes to school and is wealthy tries hard to get good grades. I don’t know why, but it seems like Marin kids have a reputation of going to a good college so we need to get good grades. Holden is an interesting kid, but we will wait and see if his tactic works and if his safety net lets him down. 


Group Members Posts

After reading my three group members post I saw some similarities, they all related the car pool podcast to there own embarrassing moment. All of there’s were fairly long but each told a great story. 


It’s been a great ride so far, but i’m moving on… I will return to this blog later this year and be sure to info all of you on the great movies. Stay golden. 

Good Movie Apps

If you are a true movie fanatic you should have a movie app on your phone. When you type in movies into the apps store, the first app is Flixter with Rotten Tomatoes incorporated in it. I personally have this app and its very helpful in many departments. It has all movies that are in a 5 mile radius. You can choose favorite theaters that will pop up every time you open the app. In each theater you can tell what movies are playing and what times. It is extremely helpful for when you aren’t at home or in front of a computer. Another idea is Fandango, its very similar to Flixter in the way that it gives theaters around you and the movie times. If you are torn between which one to get or you have no clue at all I say go with Flixter. Simply because it works great and I haven’t found a reason to switch to a different app. 

Google Glasses a problem for movie theaters?


So recently Google has come out with a new product, Google glass. These glasses are a combination of an iPhone and Video Camera. So this poses a problem for you movie theater managers out their. If an individual got into the movies with them they would be able to record the movie and send it out to all their friends that didn’t want to spend 10 greenbacks on it. So are theaters going to start to ban them from coming in, people would hide them in there bags and put them on when they enter the movie. I think they will have to do something about it because once one person gets a hold of it they can put it on YouTube and nobody will want to see it in theater. But are they just going to ask you in the front before you walk in, or are they going to have a staff member in every theater looking for Google glass users. So will it become illegal to enter a movie theater because it could be considered pirating. Are they going to have a basket where you drop them outside the doors with a sign saying pick up after movie. There has never been a problem with people trying to record movies with their phones in movies. So who knows, maybe Google glass wont cause a commotion. We will just have to wait and see.


On Saturday I saw 42. This movie is about the story of Jackie Roosevelt Robinson and how he broke the color barrier in major league baseball.  The Brooklyn Dodgers picked him up under one condition, that he never fight back to the hatred comments that he other white players would say. So despite getting the ball thrown at him every game he led the Dodgers to a pennant. Jackie was a great role models for others and really did a brave thing for his race. The movie was a little more slow than I was expecting, but it still managed to earn a grade of A.

Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3 came out last week and I was waiting to blog about it until I saw it. I saw the third movie of the sequel on Wednesday night. It was a let down compared to the first two which, in my opinion, were amazing.  Tony Stark is put up against his fiercest enemy yet in Manderin. When Tony finds out his personal world was destroyed he looked to find who did it and take out anybody in his path. When Iron man is fighting back he comes to realization about if his suit makes him or if he makes the suit. It was a good movie classic with Robert Downy Jr. humor, I scale it a B+.